Medical Devices.

Our strength is the development, production and distribution of medical technology systems.

This AG's areas of expertise includes mechanics, plastics technology, electronics hardware, software development, pneumatics, marketing and sales. The biggest and most exciting challenge is to combine these high-tech areas with the requirements of global medical grade approvals, quality requirements and the market requirements of the health care system.

Our daily work focuses on the individual: the patient who expects safe treatment; our customers who enjoy a reliable, innovative and efficient product; our partners who supply us with their services; our employees who enthusiastically meet the challenges that arise.

This interaction drives us to achieve a system that functions perfectly.

Research & Development.

During development, we take special care to ensure that we always have the whole system under control. We achieve this by, wherever possible, either developing the system-critical components ourselves or coordinating their development. We pay special attention to gentle and safe treatment methods for the patient and to ergonomic and optimised processes for the physician and the entire medical team.   The focus of product development is on simplicity, mobility and safety for everyone who comes into contact with the product.


Due to the multitude of medical technology requirements and quality assurance measures during production, the complexity and thus the cost of the production processes is high. We counter these effects by eliminating waste (lean production, Kanban, 5S etc.) and using the most modern means of production. During development care is taken to ensure that the final product is simple and thus cost-efficient to manufacture (design for cost). We concentrate on the final assembly and the associated tests to ensure that the quality of the products is always well controlled.

Partner Network.

When we need skills that we don’t have within our team, then we need you as a partner. As the term "partner" describes, we work to build long-term and reliable collaboration. Direct communication, trust and joint progress help us to master the daily challenges together.